Luas Lucan (Luas F1)

Phase 3: Line & Stop Design

Change of Route in the South Lucan Area

After the announcement of the Emerging Preferred Route Corridor in October 2008 RPA started the detailed design for Luas Lucan.

As explained at the time of the announcement the detailed design involves analysing different options within the EPR corridor.

As a result of this analysis we’ve identified a preferred alignment that differs from the published EPR in the section between Esker Meadow and the Outer Ring Road: the revised alignment diverges from the EPR at Griffeeen Road where Castle Riada Stop will be located. From there the tracks would run eastward along the Old Balgaddy Road to reach then the Outer Ring Road just north of Moy Glas estate. This route was part of the route option 2 that was presented to the public during the public consultation for the selection of the EPR in 2007.

The reason for this change is to optimise the system: in the proposed solution the alignment is fully segregated and will allow faster journeys.

Moreover during the detailed design there will be ample opportunities to provide an attractive environment along the Old Balgaddy Road through landscaping and the provision of walkways.

RPA will develop the detailed design on the basis of this alignment.

Click here to view or download the Emerging Preferred Route Map for Luas Lucan.

Open Days April 2010: proposed interchange with Dart Underground at Inchicore

The Emerging Preferred Route (EPR) for line F1 was announced by RPA in October 2008.

The EPR crosses the Kildare Railway Line at Kylemore Road where an opportunity existed to  create an interchange, even though at the time of the announcement the plans to upgrade the railway line were not finalized.  Since this announcement of the EPR Iarnród Éireann (IÉ) have finalized their proposals for the Dart Underground (DU) project.

In its initial routing the proposed Dart Underground project ran underground from the Northern line with new underground stations at Docklands, Pearse Station, St. Stephens Green, Christchurch and Heuston. Iarnród Éireann has now decided to extend the DART Underground tunnel further westwards towards Inchicore and provide for a new station within Inchicore works.

Following the above development RPA has identified a need to explore options in order to provide interchange with the proposed Dart Underground Station. Iarnród Éireann and RPA have worked together in the last few months to identify a feasible solution that provides a viable interchange between the proposed Dart Underground and  the proposed Luas Lucan  at Inchicore.

Click here to view or download the Proposed Interchange between Luas Lucan and DART Underground

Publication of Scoping Reports

The Transport (Railway Infrastructure) Act, 2001 as amended by the Planning and Development (Strategic Infrastructure) Act, 2006 sets out the process under which statutory authority for new railway projects is to be granted. This process, in short, involves an application being made for a Railway Order for the construction, operation and maintenance of a railway. A fundamental requirement of the Railway Order application for the project and, a key component of the decision making process for the proposed Luas Line F project, is an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

The EIS scoping study is a key element of the EIA process and signifies commencement of the development of an EIS. Even though it is not a requirement of the Transport (Railway Infrastructure) Act, 2001, it is considered best practice.

The Draft EIS Scoping Report will form a basis of common reference for consultation about the scope and methodology for the EIS.

RPA published a scoping report for the project in February 2009 and received feedback from the public and the statutory consultees.

Click here to view or download the Luas Lucan (Line F) Draft Scoping Report February 2009.

Click here to view or download Luas Lucan (Line F) Draft EIS Scoping Report Newspaper Advertisement February 2009

During 2009 RPA decided to deliver the project in two phases and in October 2009 published a final scoping report referred to Luas Lucan (line F1).

Click here to view or download the Luas Lucan (Line F1) Final Draft Scoping Report October  2009.

Click here to view or download Luas Lucan (Line F1) Final Draft EIS Scoping Report Newspaper Advertisement October 2009

Luas Lucan Public Consultation - Ballyowen Area

A public consultation about the routing for Luas Lucan in the Ballyowen area is ongoing.

The Railway Procurement Agency (RPA) held an open evening on 2nd June 2010 in Ballyowen Community Centre to discuss the alternative options for the routing of Luas Lucan (Line F1) in the Ballyowen area. In advance of this open evening RPA distributed 3,000 letters to all households located in the area and notified all residents who subscribed to our Lucan Luas database. Our open evening was very well attended and the response from the public and the elected representatives has been remarkable in terms of number of submissions.

The Emerging Preferred Route (EPR) for Luas Lucan was announced in October 2008. The choice of EPR was informed by extensive public consultation which was carried out in 2007 and 2008 .The route is in line with the preference indicated by South Dublin County Council. After the announcement of the EPR, RPA started the detailed design for Luas Lucan. During the initial design stage RPA was made aware that routing the tracks along Ballyowen Lane raised concerns among residents and public representatives. RPA therefore decided to consult the public further on these issues and examine whether there were any feasible alternatives to the EPR. Through this design study RPA has identified two alternative alignment options that are shown on the enclosed map as Option A and Option B. These options were presented to the public during the open evening on 2nd June 2010.

In order to facilitate residents who were unable to attend our open evening and wish to make a submission, we have uploaded drawings of the three options and a detailed description of each option accompanies the drawings:

Click here to view or download EPR and Stop Options Map
Click here to view or download EPR Option Drawings
Click here to view or download EPR Option Description
Click here to view or download Link Option A Drawings
Click here to view or download Link Option A Description
Click here to view or download Link Option B Drawings
Click here to view or download Link Option B Description

Residents who have attended the open evening might notice that these drawings are in a different format compared to the ones displayed on 2nd June 2010. The drawings have been optimized to be viewed on a computer screen or printed by a home printer. Please be advised that the design has not changed since our open evening.

On 23rd July 2010, RPA sent a letter to residents in the Ballyowen Area advising on the EPR Options and Link Options for Luas Lucan (Line F1). The closing date for submissions on these options for Luas Lucan is Tuesday 31st August 2010. Click here to view or download Luas Lucan Ballyowen Residents Letter 23rd July 2010.

As previously advised RPA aims to take a final decision in respect of this section of the route in September. We now ask all residents who have not yet contacted us about this matter and wish to convey their views to make a submission to RPA before Tuesday 31st August 2010 so that they can be considered and help inform the decision. You can let us know your opinion by e-mail, post or by phone.


Freepost Address
Railway Procurement Agency
Parkgate Business Centre,
Parkgate Street,
Dublin 8.

Freephone: 1800 67 64 64

Indicative Route Description

Luas Lucan (F1) commences from a terminus located on the Newcastle Road in the existing sports ground close to Superquinn Shopping Centre and Lucan Community College. The alignment runs along Esker Road to St. Finian’s Park and to a possible Castle Riada Stop. It runs to Castle Road Stop and Droim Na Coille Stop and northwards to reach Ballyowen Park Stop and Quarryvale Park Stop. An interchange with Metro West will be provided at Quarryvale Park Stop. The route runs through Liffey Valley Town Centre where two stops may be located; Liffey Valley West Stop and Liffey Valley South Stop. From Liffey Valley Town Centre the route runs along Coldcut Road, crosses the M50 on a new bridge and continues to Cherry Orchard Hospital Stop on Ballyfermot Road. On Ballyfermot Road there may be a stop located near Ballyfermot Health Centre, Blackditch Stop. The route continues along Ballyfermot Road to Ballyfermot Village Stop in Ballyfermot Village. From Ballyfermot Road the route turns onto Kylemore Road and runs to Kylemore Park Stop beside Kylemore Park. From there the route turns to run beside the Grand Canal to Tyrconnell Road linking up with the existing Luas Red Line at Blackhorse Stop. Services will then run along the existing Red Line as far as Connolly Station or The Point. Services from Lucan will share the section of line from Blackhorse Stop to the eastern termini of the Red Line (The Point) with services from Tallaght and Saggart. Turn back facilities will be provided near Fatima Stop to allow some services to terminate at this point.

Luas Lucan will be 10.5 km long from Lucan to Blackhorse, and will follow the corridor previously announced for the Emerging Preferred Route of line F. The new line will provide interchange with the Luas Red Line, the proposed Metro West and Metro North lines, Iarnród Éireann services and a wide range of bus services.

Possible Stops are shown on the map. These stops are located at or close to current business and residential centres and other locations of interest. At this stage the stops are indicative only and many reflect submissions received during the first round of public consultation.

RPA hopes to provide Park and Ride Facilities near the N4 interchange at Liffey Valley Town Centre.

A depot will be required for storing and maintaining vehicles. The location of the depot will be identified during next stage of design.

Please click here to view map detailing Emerging Preferred Route Corridor for Lucan (Line F1) May 2010.

To find out more about a particular phase or to view published information for this line, please click on one of the phases below. Identify Route OptionsRoute SelectionLine & Stop Design

Published Information

Re-sort Documents :
October 2008 Press Release Route Corridor Selected
Luas Line F Route Corridor Selected Press Release October 2008 morepdf

October 2009 Luas Lucan (Line F1) Final Draft EIS Scoping Report Newspaper Advertisement
Line F1 Final Draft EIS Scoping Report Newspaper Advertisement morepdf

Luas Lucan Line F1 Open Days Flyer April 2010
Luas Lucan will run from Newcastle Road (Lucan) to Blackhorse, where it will link to the Red Line. This new Luas line morepdf

Luas Lucan Proposed Route Options Map Inchicore April 2010
Luas Lucan Line F1 Proposed Route Options Inchicore Luas Stop and DART Underground Aerial Ortho Alignment Map April 2010 morepdf

May 2010 Luas Lucan Ballyowen Residents Options
Ballyowen Residents Options May 2010 morepdf

Luas Lucan Emerging Preferred Route May 2010
Luas Lucan Emerging Preferred Route May 2010 more

Luas Lucan Public Consultation Options Ballyowen Area
Luas Lucan Public Consultation Ballyowen Area Public Consultation Options and Descriptions July 2010 morepdf



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